Wellness quarantine facilities to be offered to long-stay foreign tourists

Wellness Quarantine

The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has agreed to provide a Wellness Quarantine (WQ) for foreign tourists from low-risk Covid19 countries who would like to include wellness and health treatments during their 14-day isolation in Thailand.

The Wellness Quarantine is categorized into 3 phases, namely the Medical Spa /Wellness Resort /Spa Resort model, the Long-term Care model, and the Sport model.

The “Medical Spa /Wellness Resort /Spa Resort” model is a 7-to-10-day health program that will be serviced by Thai well-being specialists. The program is added in the 14 days of mandatory quarantine and includes spa, fitness, physiotherapy, nutrition, holistic, beauty, and age prevention for applicants under the scheme.

The “Long-term Care” model is exclusively designed for elderly visitors who can be in the health program provided by the specialists for one month. The model includes physical therapy, brain practice, yoga, meditation, massage, weight loss, stress relief, and exercise.

The “Sport model” initially features the golf program for foreign tourists who, for instance, desire to stay in the Alternative State Quarantine with a golf course. The program is recommended with a 14-day package.

PHOTO: Thai Government Public Relations Department

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