Useful Facts That You Should Know About ASQ – Part II

According to the CAAT’s latest announcement, “Notification on Conditions for Aircraft Permission to Enter Thailand (No. 3),” there are 11 groups that are allowed to enter Thailand. The effective period will be from 4 August 2020.

Credit: PR Thai Government

Details about 11 groups that allow to apply for repatriation flight to Thailand.

(1) Thai nationals.
(2) Persons with an exemption or persons being considered, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister, or the head of responsible persons accountable for resolving the state of emergency issues.
(3) Persons on diplomatic or consular missions, or under international organisations, or representatives of foreign governments performing their duties in the Kingdom, including their spouse, parents, or children.
(4) Carriers of necessary goods subject to immediate return after completion (Cargo).
(5) Crew members who are required to travel into the Kingdom on a mission and have a specified date and time for return.
(6) Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents, or children of a Thai national.
(7) Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid certificate of permanent residency in the Kingdom, or permission to take up residence in the Kingdom, including their spouse or children.
(8) Non-Thai nationals who have a work permit or have been granted permission from government agencies to work in the Kingdom, including their spouse or children; or foreign workers or those who have been granted permission
(9) Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institutions approved by Thai authorities, including the parents or guardians of the students, except for students of non-formal educational institutions under the law on private schools.
(10) Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand, and their attendants (medical treatment for Covid-19 not included).
(11) Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country or have been granted permission by the PM – all of whom must strictly adhere to the Kingdom’s communicable disease prevention and control.

The CAAT have previously announced that holders of the Thailand Elite Card are also able to return to Thailand.

Credit: CAAT – The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand

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