Useful Facts That You Should Know About ASQ – Part I

About Us ASQ in Thailand

In Brief 
The ASQ program will count the day you arrive as day 0 and you will be quarantine for fully 14 days.

You will be quarantine for total of 16 days 15 nights at the quarantine hotel. The package included
🔹2 covid-19 test, usually on you 3rd day and 11th day.
🔹Full board meals, 3 meals a day.
🔹Transportation from the airport.

The Ministry of Public Health has joined hands with private companies to provide Alternative State Quarantine accommodations to people who have returned from abroad and would like to have special services, at their own expense, during the quarantine.
People returning from foreign countries must be detained and observe any possible symptoms for 14 days at the state quarantine facilities or at the Alternative State Quarantine hotels, where guests are responsible for the cost themselves.

Please check the list of the alternative state quarantine hotels at
OICDDC Hotline: +66 968478209 or +66 927260474 available from 8.00 AM – 8.00 PM (GMT+7.00) #NOVISA #NOFLIGHTS #NOWORKPERMIT INFORMATION
1. COVID-19 EOC of Department of Health Services Support, MOPH Thailand
2. Office of International Cooperation, DDC, MOPH

About Us ASQ in Thailand

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