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901 หมู่ 4 ถนน บางนาตราด กม Bang Bo District, Samut Prakan 10560

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150 Bedrooms

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A stay at our luxury hotel with all of the latest stare-of-the-art amenities is fairytale in itself also for guests not visiting the atmosphere Plan a romantic weekend for two or bring your whole family and let them indulge in our modern luxury facilities. Besides an overnight stay on one of our 332 beautiful rooms we offer everything from our indoor parking, fitness center, Thai massage room and free-of-charge Wifi to a large swimming pool as well. We have restaurants at the hotel The Cotai luxury design hotel. Everywhere the staff is ready to treat you with a delicious dining experience for both lunch and dinner.

We offer Alternative State Quarantine(ASQ) package for 15 nights quarantine, details as below.

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The Cotai Luxury Design Hotel

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Sonja Hietikko's Review

I share my experience with The Cotai Luxury Design Hotel:
The ASQ price was 29,000 baht. They do not provide much basic information when you check into the hotel. I realized on my first day that I don’t know what time I will get food, when the Covid test will be taken, whether the room will be cleaned, how to order from 7-Eleven, etc.
Food arrived three times a day at about 8, 12 and 4. Food is Thai and Chinese food. There is a lot of food and it is edible, there were even a few dishes that I thought were very good! I really didn’t starve. They also give fresh fruit. Sometimes, though, we wonder with other people in the hotel what logic is being used to bear fruit? Because sometimes most of the residents got a big box full of fruit and I didn’t. But I found this fun mostly. (I never missed the fruits in the ration.)
The room was spacious and had everything you needed, a large bed, kettle, TV, fridge with a small freezer compartment, a large sink on the room side (convenient for laundry), hot shower water, etc.
When I came in, there were plenty of drinking water bottles, instant coffee, tea, instant noodles, ear cleaning sticks, shower caps, laundry detergent, dish soap, hand glove, toothpaste and toothbrush and chips when I came.
Customer service is friendly but slow. You can do business with the hotel staff using the Line App or by calling the hotel phone. Sometimes messages don’t get answered or a response comes after a long wait, but what’s the rush here now? However, I recommend that if you need something, order the space you need before it runs out, give time for things to happen. All my wishes were actually always realized, sooner or later, sometimes with more effort and sometimes with less. Often the response to the message could be “ok”, and then it remains to be seen whether your request will happen or not, I found that usually this “ok” means that your wish will be fulfilled, you just have to wait a couple of hours. And if not implemented then grab the phone and call the staff. Many of the staff did not speak or understand English well, so the phone could be circulated by three different staff members before I was understood.
You can order things from 7-Eleven and Lazada. Sometimes something was missing from the order, but I got the missing thing later when I asked enough times.
Covid tests were taken on days 5 and 12. The nurse called the previous afternoon and told the time of day as it was taken. The nurse then called again in the morning when I was allowed to walk downstairs for the test. The result was received the next afternoon by phone. After the first test result, I got an hour of outdoor time a day, this had to be booked the day before from the nurse. Room cleaning is also available after the first test result, which was also booked from the nurse by phone.
I recommend this hotel if you do not expect luxury but a basic hotel where you can get food to live. I think it’s just an ordinary three-star Thai hotel.
I advise others to think about how much would normally cost a two-week hotel room, a three-star hotel. Usually that price doesn’t even include food, maybe some kind of breakfast, but not as good quality as these ASQ dishes are. Now, however, this ASQ price includes a Hotel Room, three meals a day, an airport shuttle, a nurse 24/7, two Covid tests … etc.
If you are not picky about food and are looking for a normal hotel room without luxury, but with a balcony then I recommend this.
ps. I started a Facebook messenger discussion group for people who are quarantined at the Cotai hotel at the moment. There’s fun to share experiences with others as well as the opportunity to ask questions that come along many along the way. There is a positive atmosphere in the group, at least for now, and we face things through humor. I am sure that others in the group will see this writing, so if you are interested in joining the group please write below, they will certainly be happy to add you to the group. (please, feel free to add some photos under this posting, i dont have so much photos about food as you do! 😃 )
I will be released tomorrow morning! Quarantine was not difficult for me, time passed quickly. Good luck to everyone!
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5 days ago
Katae Piyaa's

My second day at The cotai luxury design. For me so far it’s good more then I expect and value for the price its worth it, i think i would recommend here for people who have low budget like me hahahah, what I like here is that i can access my morning on my balcony, i can order something at 7-11 with no fee, also i can order food outside too. The food here it’s okay they are not that bad ( i think if i dont like the food i can just order some from 7-11 or some places else) anyway its hard too said because we are not the same expectations but for me i pay 29000bath for 15 nights 16 days and the price are included 2 times test Covid with 24 hours doctor I think its just perfect. Sorry if my English are not good 😇😇😇
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5 days ago

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