My Personal Experience Traveling to Thailand during Pandemic

I am Indian guy married to Thai and I used to live in Dubai, UAE. I was stuck in Thailand for almost 3 months. I travelled back to Dubai to clear everything and moved to Thailand. So I would like to share my experience of the process I’ve been through during this pandemic.

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First I applied for COE and the staff from Royal Thai Consulate has been very helpful. Thank you Khun Kung and Khun Paul.

Documents required for applying for COE. (from RTC in Dubai with Non-O visa)

Please prepare the following documents:

1. Visa Application Form (fully filled out) – In case your visa Non-O still valid not required.

2. Declaration Form (fully filled out and signed).

3. A valid health insurance policy covering all expenditures of medical treatment, including COVID-19 with minimum coverage of 100,000 USD.

4. Other documents;

– The letter explaining why you want to travel to Thailand.

– Photocopy of your passport.

– Photocopy of your UAE residence visa.

5. Documents from Thai Spouse;

1) Invitation/Introduction letter from Thai spouse.

2) Copy of Thai identity card.

3) Copy of Thai passport / Copy of UAE Residence Visa (If any).

4) Copy of Thai house registration.

5) Copy of Marriage Certificate which is attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affair, Thailand/Dubai.

I was lucky enough to work with an Airline so that I book a flight where I can make cancellation and refund anytime. So I booked the ticket and used that to make a reservation with the hotel: I planned to come back on 7th August 2020. So I managed to send the hotel reservation to the Royal Thai Consulate on 13th July 2020. (I ended up having to cancel that ticket because we can not use the staff ticket on the repatriation flight).

After all documents approved by RTC/ RTE, they told me that they will put my name on the repatriation flight list and will let me know when to do Covid-19 test. After submitting the test result (which must be negative) and a fit to fly certificate from a doctor, they sent me the information of how to book and pay for the ticket and that was the process.

I hope this article would be helpful for those who wanted to come home. If you need more information, please leave me a message.

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