More info regarding the new Special Tourist Visa (STV)

? Cabinet approves visas of up to 270 days for long-stay tourists and here is what you need to know

? How to apply:
✅ Contact the agencies appointed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). TAT will collaborate with the agencies to collect the applications.
✅ TAT will forward the applications to the Immigration Bureau to check if travelers are qualified for this special permission.
✅ Once the applications are endorsed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) will forward the approved applications to the Thai embassy or consulate in the country of departure.
✅ Go to the Thai embassy or consulate in your current location to apply for a Certificate of Entry (COE) and Special Tourist Visa (STV). The foreigner must also submit the following documents to the consular section of the Thai embassy or consulate: proof of all related reservations and payments, “Fit to Fly” certificate, COVID-19-free certificate that is issued within 72 hours prior to flight departure

?Documents to be filled out:
✅Proof showing the name of the selected ASQ/ALSQ/AHQ for a 14-day quarantine.
✅ Hotel reservation or property lease of a condominium room of choice to stay after the 14-day quarantine.
✅ Health insurance with coverage of USD100,000 that covers the entire period of stay in Thailand
✅ Proof showing ticket reservations or details of private travel. Travellers have to shoulder these expenses.

? Upon arrival in Thailand:
?Travellers have to undergo health screening processes by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). If found infected with COVID-19, they will be taken to the designated hospitals.
✅ Travellers who tested negative for COVID-19 on arrival in Thailand will receive STV stamp at the immigration at the port of their arrival.
? Travellers will stay at ASQ/ALSQ/AHQ and strictly follow precautionary measures by the MoPH throughout the period of 14 days.
? While staying at ASQ/ALSQ/AHQ, travellers can do online shopping. TAT will provide lists of shopping programs to them.
? After 14 days, they can leave the ASQ/ALSQ/AHQ and enjoy their travels in Thailand. You can visit and to fill your travel bucket list with amazing tourist attractions

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