Tourist Visa (TR)

Starting from October 2020, travelers who wish to travel to Thailand for tourism purpose can apply for 60-day Tourist Visa (TR). It’s likely that Bangkok, Phuket and possibly Chiang Mai, will be arrival destinations. In addition, Applicants still need to submit documents to apply for COE as well.


1. Passport


Original passport with a validity period of at least 6 months and a copy

2. Visa application form

Completed visa application form

3. Photograph

Photo for visa application

One 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm photograph of the applicant with white or blue background (taken within 6 months)

4. Bank statement

Current bank statement of the applicant showing the closing balance (each month) of at least 500.000 THB or in equivalence for the last 6 months (in English or Thai language only)

5. ASQ or ALQ booking confirmation letter

ASQ Hotel Booking

ASQ or ALQ booking confirmation letter, issued and signed
by the facility (for a minimum quarantine period of 14 days) more information please visit
– Passengers entering Thailand via Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport can choose ASQ and ALQ services located in Chonburi Province.
– Passengers entering Thailand via Phuket Airport can choose to use the ALQ service located in Phuket only.

6. Accommodation in Thailand

Proof of accommodation under the applicant’s name for the duration of  intended stay in Thailand, after 14-day stay at Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) upon entry into Thailand

7. Flight information

Flight booking

Evidence of travel in and out of Thailand (i.e. flight confirmation)

8. Others

Other documents such as Permission to travel from your country, Proof of residential address in your country, etc.
And of course Visa processing fee.

Note: All the visitors are required to obtain COVID-19 health insurance covering medical treatment expenditures of COVID-19, worth at least USD 100,000 during the entire stay in Thailand as part of the application to obtain COE. The insurance policy must clearly state that it includes expenditures occurring from COVID-19 treatments. List of recommended health insurance: Pacific Cross Health Insurance / Regency Health Insurance / April International / Luma Thailand.

2. TR Conditions

2.1 TR is valid for a single entry into Thailand for tourism purpose only.

2.2 The validity of TR is 3 months from the date of its issuance, with a maximum period of stay in Thailand for 60 days.

2.3 TR cannot be changed to any other type of visa during the duration of stay in Thailand.

2.4 If the TR holder is found to be in breach of the conditions for entry into Thailand, the stay permit will be revoked immediately and he/she will be prohibited from entering Thailand.

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