Frequently Asked Questions – Alternative State Quarantine (FAQ – ASQ Thailand)

What normally included in ASQ Package?

ASQ package normally included accommodation for quarantine for total of 16 days 15 nights together with
– 2 covid-19 test, usually on you 3rd day and 11th day
– 24 hrs. Nursing service from certified hospital 
– Full board meals, 3 meals a day
– Transportation from the airport

What are steps for Thai or foreigners who would like to apply for entrance to Thailand?

Steps to enter Thailand

Kindly contact the Royal Thai Embassy/consulate-general in your country to book one of the repatriation flights or semi-commercial flights from participating Airlines that are available.
Foreigners are require to book the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) and to provide a fit to fly certificate from a healthcare institution. Regarding the COVID-19-free certificate, it is required to be done not more than 72 hours before departure.
In addition, health insurance must cover treatment costs of COVID-19 and other diseases for the amount of 100,000 USD. As for Thai nationals, they must provide the fit to fly certificate.
Submit all the required documents, inform the Thai embassy, and reserve the seat on a flight. Proceed to get Certificate of Entry (COE) at least 5 working days prior to departure.
Continue to stay safe with full awareness and practice protection for yourself and others while waiting for departure. For example, regularly wash hands and keep physical distancing.
When they arrive, foreigners who booked the ASQ will be separately processed under the screening operation from Thai authorities, checking in with the ASQ system, and traveling with ASQ transportation.
Stay in quarantine calmly and safely for three days; then get the first round of COVID-19 test (on day 3-5). If results are negative, the quarantine will continue for another eight days, and then the second test will be given (on day 11-13) to confirm the end of the SAR-CoV-2 incubation period.
Travelers will be allowed to travel and stay in Thailand.
However, the residence information must be provided and the application for tracking (the Thai Chana platform) must be downloaded, which will be beneficial for public health tracing and Thai medical officials.
During their stay in Thailand, travelers must strictly follow all of the guidelines and instructions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What are required Documents for Boarding?

Valid Thai visa or Re-Entry permit
Certificate of Entry (COE)
Completed Declaration Form
Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) booking confirmation
Medical Insurance (a minimum of 100,00O USD including COVID-19 )
Fit to Fly Health Certificate
COVID-19 Test Result, using RT-PCR test, no more than 72 hrs before departure
**Please note that Fit to Fly and COVID 19-free Certificates must be in separated paper.
***Lack of documents may result in being denied to board the plane.

What would happens if an ASQ guest tests positive for COVID-19 during staying at the hotel?

That ASQ guest will be transferred and admitted to partner Hospital and being taken care by certified medical staff in line with the Centre for the COVID-19 Situation Administration’s (CCSA) protocols.

Are ASQ guests allowed to visit each other in their rooms after 7 days in quarantine?

No. ASQ guests can socialise for 1 hour per day in the dedicated isolated area in accordance with the compulsory protocols and health and safety measures relating to physical distancing as set out by the COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA).

Why do ASQ guests have to stay in the hotel for 15 nights instead of 14 nights?

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health requires ASQ guests to quarantine for 14 full days and counts the date of arrival in Thailand as Day 0, irrespective of the arrival time in the country on that day.

Can married couples share a hotel room?

Yes. A copy of the couple’s marriage certificate must be submitted when making the Alternative State Quarantine hotel reservation.

Can families share a hotel room?

Yes, subject to the maximum occupants allowed per selected room or suite type. A copy of the parents’ marriage certificate must be submitted when making the Alternative State Quarantine hotel reservation.

Can ASQ guests receive deliveries?

Yes, under the following conditions:
– The guest must inform the hotel of the delivery in advance, including date of delivery and estimated time of arrival.
– Upon delivery, the hotel is required to open and inspect the contents, then reseal the package in the presence of the delivery person, before delivering it to the guest’s room.
– For deliveries of prescription medicines, guests must provide a prescription.
– Items prohibited for delivery include food and beverage, alcohol, narcotics, weapons and ammunition.

Can ASQ guests receive food deliveries from family and friends?

Yes, under the following conditions:
– Only a family member of the guest may deliver the food to the hotel – food deliveries by messenger or food delivery services are not allowed.
– The family member must present his or her Thai ID card upon the delivery of the food at the hotel.
– The guest must sign a disclaimer letter upon receiving the food.

What should be covered in COVID-19 insurance?

Covid-19 Insurance

According to the Thailand Insurance Commission, COVID-19 insurance for foreigners is approved to cover travelers who pass through immigration in Thailand. The insurance policies will also be sold online and offered jointly by sixteen co-insurance companies. There are two parts in the coverage, as follows:
– In case of death caused by COVID-19, the company will pay compensation for the funeral and repatriation costs, up to 3.2 million baht (102,000 US dollars).
– For medical treatment after the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection and necessary treatment, the company will pay compensation up to 3.2 million baht (102,000 US dollars).
credit: Thailand Insurance Commission

What is the booking procedure?

Normally the hotel will request for further details as following:
– email address
– A copy of passport
– Birth certificate and marriage certificate (for couples & families)
– A deposit is also required to confirm reservation.

What is the cancellation policy?

Each hotel may have different conditions. Some hotels allow to postpone your stay date if you happen to face concerns such as flight cancellations or any delays from the embassies. You can check or ask more info. on specific hotel policy in our facebook community group while some people has collect some info. from different hotels and put it here

What is the pick-up process from the airport?

An assigned team appointed by the government will lead you through the process, then to meet then hotel representative at a dedicated gate.

Who Is Regulating Thailand Quarantine Hotels?

The purpose of Thailand’s quarantine is to ensure the Kingdom remains safe from coronavirus and to prevent new cases being imported. So to ensure this is possible, quarantine hotel must be partnered with a hospital. Qualified staff representing the hospitals are on-site at quarantine hotels are responsible for carrying out coronavirus tests at intervals throughout your stay in quarantine. And are on hand for any other medical emergencies.

Should I book a flight ticket or ASQ first?

It depends on flight and ASQ availability as well as ASQ and airline’s policy. To reserve a room at many ASQs, applicant is required to submit proof of flight reservation or flight ticket.
*** Please make sure that the arrival date matches with ASQ reservation***.