Info. on Where you can get Covid-19 Test ? and Fit to Fly in some countries

We have collected the information about Covid-19 Test 😷 and Fit to Fly from posts & comments in many community groups on Facebook. These information are from people who stranded abroad and try to get back to Thailand.
Care First Medical, Tyler- Texas
Mount Sinai Urgent care- New York
COVID Test: GenX Laboratories in LA
Fit-to-Fly: Wellnessmart Costa Mesa
FV Hospital
Occupational Health International
Mediclinic Parkview hospital
Mount Sinai in Toronto
Apple clinics
Dr. De Silva at world square medical centre. Ask for a referral to pathology.
Western Diagnostics
Mount Elizabeth hospital
Sengkang Family Clinic
🔹Phnom Penh
National Institute of Public Health
Muaither Health Centre
Rawdat Al Khalil Health Centre
Um Slal Health Centre
Al Gharafa Health Centre

Silk Road Hospital
There is testing possible at the airport, book via website


Here is the simple template of Fit to Fly in which the clinic that you go to can simply stamp their logo , address on it

Or you can download another Fit-to-Fly template document below

Sample Fit to Fly

Here is sample of COVID-19 Test result.

Covid test

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