Cabinet approves long-stay visitor proposal starting next month

Visitors applying for this visa must be able to produce evidence of:
– Their long-term stay in Thailand, such as the receipt for their quarantine accommodation or hospital stay payment.
– Payment confirmation for accommodation or hospital stay after their quarantine.
– Or copy of the title deed for their condominium unit owned by the applicant or a family member, or a rental confirmation for rental condominium or house, or a downpayment confirmation for the purchase of rent of a condominium unit legally sold to foreigners.

After completing the COVID-19 screening, quarantine measures, and all the accommodation requirements are met foreigners can apply for the Special Tourist Visa for a fee of 2,000 baht.
– The visa will come with a 90-day validity.
– An extension for another 90 days can be applied twice, subjected to the discretion of an immigration officer, with new applications and fee to be resubmitted and paid each time.

Source: NNT – NBT World

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