Be prepared! What to pack for your quarantine!

According to our Facebook Group: “ASQ in Thailand”, our members found these items useful during their quarantine in ASQ.

  • Set of cutleries and crockeries.
  • Detergent or washing power.
  • Entertaining gadgets: in case your ASQ does not have a smart TV. Amazon stick, Roku or Chromecast with HDMI will give you a better experience.
  • Playstation: you can actually rent it beforehand and it will be ready for you on your arrival day.
  • Thai sim card: not all hotels have good wifi connection and once you checked-in, you can’t buy the sim anymore.
  • Sponge and dish washing liquid.
  • Soap bar/ shower gel and shampoo: if you have any preferred type, highly recommend you bring your own.
  • Exercise mat: keep yourself fit during quarantine. Remember, you can’t go out until your first test result is negative. Which is roughly a week before you can leave your room.
  • Your Netflix password: to keep yourself occupied!
  • Cash: exchange some Thai Baht so you can pay for your order from convenient store delivery.
    These items may not be essential for everyone. However, it could make your stay more convenient and entertaining during these 16 days and 15 nights in your hotel room.
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