AXA Health Insurance Quote


Applying for Thailand’s Long Stay Visa scheme “O-A” & Non – Immigrant Visa “O-X” or look for “annual” health insurance plan. AXA pleased to offer ten percent discount to Long Stay Health Insurance when you purchase Sawasdee Thailand.

Please filling online quotation form with the following  instruction.

AXA Healt Insurance Quote

AXA Health Insurance Quote

Provide Name and Last Name in ENGLISH as appeared on official passport. Name on policy should follow name on official passport including middle name (If any)

AXA Healt Insurance Quote

Choose location = OTHER


For Long Stay VISA or STB : choose Long Stay Visa

For other types, choose OPD AND IPD

If 1 customer, choose “self” and provide current age

If more than 1, please provide name as appeared on passport and their age(s)

Lastly, share any useful comments for AXA reps to contact customer including current country (Thailand or abroad)

And Click Submit

AXA representative will contact you via email with insurance quotation between 24 hours, business day.

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