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Thailand is one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists, as a country with many beautiful tourist attractions such as seas, mountains, historical attractions, temples, palaces, and shopping areas. It is also famous for its food recognized around the world as unique taste, delicious and favorite of tourists from all over the world. In addition, Thai people are also reputed to be a friendly nation, good-natured, easy-to-smile, as nicknamed “The Land of Smiles”. This makes it a country that attracts tourists from all over the world to visit and receive the top impression of the world as mentioned above

However, the presence of the Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted tourism around the world, including Thailand. But even with the disease, in misfortune, there is still good luck, because during this crisis, there is an opportunity that the beautiful nature of Thailand such as seas, mountains, waterfalls, etc., that are already beautiful on top rank of the world, have been being restored to be much more beautiful and natural than ever before.

In addition, Thailand has been complimented on being the best country in management, prevention and treatment of Covid-19 disease. Therefore, when the Covid-19 situation eased, Thailand will definitely be the country worth visiting for people all over the world. Tourists will experience the beauty of various attractions like never before and also confident that they will be safe from the virus.

This website is created to provide information, promote, support and stimulate tourism of Thailand to the world, in a modern content format, such as presenting tourists attractions in the form of 360 ° views or Virtual tours, together with supporting reviews, This makes tourists well-informed and able to realistically experience tourist attractions, and desire to travel to Thailand. In addition to this website, we also have Facebook and Instragram.

This website has recently been created and operated, and currently under development both in terms of the site system and its content, which may still have some parts that are not complete. Our team has been trying to develop the website continuously to provide the most quality content to all tourists. If you have any suggestions or comments, kindly send messages to us via the form that appears below we will be very grateful to you. We hoped that our website will play a part in helping to stimulate and revitalize the Thai tourism industry to be at the forefront of the world as it has always been and for better.

~ WanderThai Team ~

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ASQ means detaining both Thai and foreign travellers at a hotel or place specified by the government for a surveillance period of at least 14 days, with travellers agreeing to pay all their costs during detention


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